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TestPro Exams Deliver the Goods

These exams are great. They're easy to use, have exam-like questions, and don't cost a fortune to purchase. On the Windows 2000 Professional exam, you're given four practice exams consisting of 50 questions each, just like Microsoft. You can also choose to hone in on a particular objective, or you can choose an exam based on several different objectives.

The questions offered are similar to Microsoft's exams, and though TestPro's questions are tough, they're not as picky as Microsoft likes to be. Question types include multiple-choice and multiple-answers. The performance-based exam has interactive items such as drag-and-drop answers, simulations, and ordered tree.

As you work your way though an exam, you can mark questions, move forward and backward, and choose to reveal the answer to any question that has you stumped. Obviously, this is great when you're just learning terms or aren't certain which answer is the best one to choose. TestPro also has a built-in feature to send an immediate comment via email on any test question from within the exam.

TestPro has one feature the other packages don't: They let you export the questions to a text document. Now you can manipulate the questions any way you want. For example, set them up in PowerPoint for your own review, print them out to take with you on the go, or (my favorite trick) download the text file to your PDA! Now that is cool.

Like Transcender and BFQ, TestPro also has built-in links to Web resources. However, these Web resources are information on the exam objectives, the exam preparation guide from Microsoft, and exam tips from Certification Corner. It's pretty neat.

Overall, I recommend TestPro. Its product is easy to use, well-written, and affordable. You can download a free version of TestPro at www.certificationcorner.com. To register and get the full version, it'll cost you $69.95. Money well spent.

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