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  1. Launching Maps
  2. Get Transit Directions
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Get Transit Directions

New! In addition to walking and driving directions, you can get directions to a location using public transportation like busses, trains, and ferries.

  1. Force Touch on the watch face to switch between Transit and Standard map views.

  2. Tap Transit. The map displays bus and train stations.

  3. Force Touch on the map.

  4. Tap Search or Contacts depending on how you want to find your destination.

  5. Find a destination using Dictation, Favorites, or tap one of your recent destinations.

  6. Tap Start.

  7. Your transit directions always start with a short walk to the public transportation entry point, in this case a subway station.
  8. Turn the Digital Crown to move between the steps.

  9. Continue following the steps instructing you to board specific trains.

  10. When you are instructed to exit a ferry terminal, bus station, or train station, always pay attention to the exit you are being directed to.

  11. The last step of your transit directions always includes a short walk from the ferry terminal, bus station, or train station to your destination.

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