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  1. Bushwhack: "Axe to the Max!"
  2. Tuff Luck: "It's Your Lucky Day!"
  3. Food Fight: "Eat This!"
  4. Sure Shot Shroomboom: "He Shoots, He Spores!"
  5. High Five: "Buzz Off!"
  6. Barkley: "Be Afraid of the Bark!"
  7. Whisper Elf: "Silent but Deadly!"
  8. Enigma: "Out of Sight!"
  9. Blastermind: "Mind Over Matter!"
  10. Déjà vu: "Did That Just Happen?"
  11. Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz: "The Motion of the Potion!"
  12. Cobra Cadabra: "Charmed and Ready!"
  13. Spry: "All Fired Up!"
  14. Mini Jini: "Any Last Wishes?"
  15. Gusto: "Gusts and Glory!"
  16. Thunderbolt: "A Storm Is Coming!"
  17. Blades: "Looking Sharp!"
  18. Full Blast Jet-Vac: "Hawk and Awe!"
  19. Fling Kong: "Monkey See, Monkey Doom!"
  20. Breeze: "Twists of Fury!"
  21. Pet Vac: "Hawk 'N' AWE!"
  22. Snap Shot: "Croc and Roll!"
  23. Lob-Star: "Star Bright, Star Fight!"
  24. Tidal Wave Gill Grunt: "Fear the Fish!"
  25. Echo: "Let's Make Some Noise!"
  26. Flip Wreck: "Making Waves!"
  27. Thumpling: "Hail to the Whale!"
  28. Gill Runt: "Fear the Fish!"
  29. Jawbreaker: "Down For the Count!"
  30. Gearshift: "All Geared Up!"
  31. Chopper: "Dino Might!"
  32. Tread Head: "Tread and Shred!"
  33. Drobit: "Blink and Destroy!"
  34. Trigger Snappy: "No Gold, No Glory!"
  35. Wildfire: "Bringing the Heat!"
  36. Ka-Boom: "Boom Time!"
  37. Torch: "Fire It Up!"
  38. Trail Blazer: "The Mane Event!"
  39. Hog Wild Fryno: "Crash and Burn!"
  40. Weeruptor: "Born to Burn!"
  41. Small Fry: "Crash and Burn!"
  42. Head Rush: "Taking Charge!"
  43. Wallop: "Hammer It Home!"
  44. Fist Bump: "Knock, Knock...Too Late!"
  45. Rocky Roll: "Roll with It!"
  46. Bop: "Rock and Roll!"
  47. Terrabite: "It's Beatin' Time!"
  48. Krypt King: "I've Got the Edge!"
  49. Short Cut: "Cut to the Chase!"
  50. Funny Bone: "I Have a Bone to Pick!"
  51. Bat Spin: "No Rest for the Wicked!"
  52. Eye-Small: "I've Got My Eye on You!"
  53. Hijinx: "Fear the Dark!"
  54. Knight Light: "See the Light!"
  55. Spotlight: "Time to Shine!"
  56. Knight Mare: "Nowhere to Hide!"
  57. Blackout: "Darkness Falls!"
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This chapter is from the book

Weeruptor: “Born to Burn!”


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BURN UP the bad guys with a LAVA-LAUNCHING HOT HEAD for a VICTORY of VOLCANIC proportions!

Weeruptor never means to lose his temper, but when villains start causing trouble in his part of town, he burns up inside. As a brand-new student on his way to Skylander Academy, Weeruptor became the unfortunate victim of an evil scheme by Kaos—he was pushed overboard onto a life raft and left floating in the sea! Weeruptor’s fiery body soon burnt through the raft and he almost fell into the wet sea—disaster! He grabbed a branch and was rescued by Cali, Tessa, and Whiskers right as the branch began to snap! Just like his full-sized counterpart Eruptor, Weeruptor throws molten fireballs and spews an avalanche of lava all around to damage enemies.

Attack moves:

Lava Lob: Press Attack 1 to lob blobs of lava at your enemies.

Eruption: Press Attack 2 to erupt into a pool of lava, damaging enemies all around you.

Soul Gem Ability: Mega Magma Balls! – 4000: Shoot up to three Magma Balls at a time that do extra damage.


Big Blob Lava Throw – 500: Lava Blob attack gets bigger and does increased damage.

Fiery Remains – 700: Lava Blobs leave behind pools of flame when they hit the ground.

Eruption-Flying Tephra – 900: Lava balls shoot out during the Eruption attack.

Magma Ball – 1200: Press Attack 3 to spit out Magma Balls.

Magmantor Path: Further develop Weeruptor’s Lava Blobs and Magma Balls.

Volcanor Path: Further develop Weeruptor’s Eruption attacks.

Heavy Duty Plasma – 1700

Lava Blobs bounce and travel further.

Lava Blob Bomb – 2200

Lava Blobs explode and damage nearby enemies.

Beast of Conflagration – 3000

Lava Blobs do increased damage in the form of a fiery beast.

Quick Eruption – 1700

It takes much less time to perform an Eruption attack.

Pyroxysmal Super Eruption – 2200

Eruption attack does increased damage.

Revenge of Prometheus – 3000

Eruption causes small volcanoes to form, doing extra damage. Prerequisite: Pyroxysmal Super Eruption.

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