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Displaying Worksheet Formulas

By default, Excel displays in a cell the results of the cell’s formula instead of the formula itself. If you need to see a formula, you can simply select the appropriate cell and look at the formula bar. However, sometimes you’ll want to see all the formulas in a worksheet (such as when you’re troubleshooting your work).

  • rarr.jpg For more information about solving formula problems, see Chapter 5, “Troubleshooting Formulas,” p. 111.

Displaying All Worksheet Formulas

To display all of a worksheet’s formulas, select Formulas, Show Formulas.

Displaying a Cell’s Formula by Using FORMULATEXT()

In some cases, rather than showing all of a sheet’s formulas, you might prefer to show the formulas in only a cell or two. For example, if you’re presenting a worksheet to other people, that sheet might have some formulas you want to show, but it might also have one or more proprietary formulas that you don’t want your audience to see. In such a case, you can display individual cell formulas by using the FORMULATEXT() function:


The address of the cell that contains the formula you want to show

For example, the following formula displays the formula text from cell D9:

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