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Tricks of the Publishing Trade

Publishing is about getting the right content to the right person at the right time at the right cost. Here are a few fundamentals of publishing that are relevant to everyone involved in managing or contributing to a Web site:

  • Publishing is about quality control. You will reject far more than you will publish. Less is more.

  • The reader is king. If nobody reads you, you're dead. The publisher who doesn't truly understand their readers—and publishes content for those readers—goes out of business.

  • "Time-to-publish" is critical. It's not enough to have great content if you don't get it to your reader before your competitor does.

  • A publisher should know what their content is costing to produce. They should also know which content is delivering value and which isn't.

  • A standard layout and design should be implemented through the entire website. This will increase the ability to find and read content. It also makes the website easier to manage.

  • A quality information architecture—classification, navigation, search, layout and design—ensures that content can be found quickly and read easily.

  • Metadata is essential for a website because it significantly increases the chances of the right person finding the right content.

  • Writing for the Web is about being concise and factual. When writing, think of your reader as impatient. The golden rule of web writing is: Keep it short.

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