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In Publishing Content, Less Is More

What's the number one problem with content on the Web today? There's too much of it. Too much of the dross. Too little of the really good stuff. Too often, content gets treated like a commodity. People can't get away from Industrial Age thinking.

Such thinking is based on the scarcity model. If I have 20 bags of coal, I'm better off than if I have 10 bags of coal, right? Absolutely. However, things digital are based on the glut model. If I have 10 "bags" of content, I'm better off than if I have 20 bags, right? Wrong. I would probably be much better off if I had one bag full of the really good stuff.

The scarcest resource today is our time. Already, there are 550 billion documents on the Web. If you read every day for your entire life, you might read 30,000 of them. Welcome to the world of information overload. A world where organizations are very good at churning out megabytes and megabytes of content. And very poor at editing and publishing just the best stuff.

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