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Get Started Using the Workout App on the Apple Watch

The Workout app is somewhat similar to the Activity app, but instead of being designed for use at all times while you’re wearing the watch, this app allows you to collect and analyze data related to actual workouts.

To use this app, launch it from the Home screen of the Apple Watch (see Figure 5.23), and from the main menu, select the fitness-related activity you’re about to participate it. Options include Outdoor Walk, Outdoor Run, Outdoor Cycle, Indoor Run, Indoor Walk, Indoor Cycle, Elliptical, Rower, Stair Stepper, or Other.


FIGURE 5.23 Launch the Workout app from the Apple Watch’s Home screen.

Based on which option you select, for each workout, typically you can set a Caloric, Distance, or Time goal, and then have the watch display real-time data it collects as you pursue that goal during your workout.

When you’re ready to begin a workout, follow these steps to activate the Workout app on your watch:

  1. From any watch face you’ve selected to be displayed on the watch’s screen, press the Digital Crown to access the watch’s Home screen.
  2. Tap on the Workout app icon to launch the Workout app.
  3. When the main menu appears, tap on the type of workout you plan to engage in.
  4. Depending on the activity you select, a submenu screen enables you to Set Calories, Set Time, or Set Miles, or select Open (if you have no goal in mind, but simply want to track your workout-related data). If you select the Set Time screen, a timer appears, showing 0:00, with a negative sign (–) icon on the left and a plus sign (+) icon on the right. Tap the + icon to set the desired duration for your workout. Press the Start button, shown in Figure 5.24, to begin your workout.

    FIGURE 5.24

    FIGURE 5.24 Adjust Set Time or Set Miles options by tapping on the + icon or – icon.

    FIGURE 5.25

    FIGURE 5.25 The Set Calories screen of the Workout app.

    FIGURE 5.26

    FIGURE 5.26 The Set Miles screen of the Workout app.

  5. As soon as you press the Start button, begin your workout. Obviously, make sure you’re wearing the Apple Watch comfortably on your wrist. You’ll be given a three-second countdown before the app begins collecting real-time data.

  6. During your workout, you can adjust what information appears on the watch’s screen (see Figure 5.28). By default, the Elapsed Time displays. Scroll sideways (right to left) to view real-time Pace, Distance, Calories, and Heart Rate data. The screen to the extreme left allows you to End or Pause/Resume your workout.

    FIGURE 5.28

    FIGURE 5.28 View real-time data being collected on your Apple Watch’s screen during a workout.

  7. After you end your workout, all data transfers to the iPhone and gets stored in the Health app that comes preinstalled with iOS 8.3 or later. Certain other third-party apps can also import this information, provided you grant those apps permission to do this. A workout summary screen showcasing your accomplishments appears on the Apple Watch’s screen at the conclusion of every workout (see Figure 5.30). Choose whether to delete or store that workout’s data by scrolling down on this screen to view the applicable command buttons.

    FIGURE 5.30

    FIGURE 5.30 Scroll down the Workout Summary screen to view all collected data pertaining to that workout, and then choose whether to save it. If you save it, relevant data transfers to the Activity and Health apps.

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