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From the author of Copy an Image

Copy an Image

In addition to being able to copy and paste text from the Chrome app, you can also copy images from a web page and save them to an email message or a photo collection.

  1. Go to a web page that includes an image on the page.
  2. Tap and hold your finger on that image for a couple of seconds and then release your finger. A pop up menu for the image displays as shown in Figure 10.
  3. Tap Save Image. This saves your image to the Galaxy Tab 4 so you can view and use it in any app where you select images from your photo albums. Note that the menu options may differ depending on the image you select.
  4. Figure 10. The pop up menu appears in the center of the screen so you can save the image, open the image, copy the image or the URL of the page on which the image resides, or search for the image using the Google search engine.

  5. The downloaded file appears as an icon in the Status bar.
  6. View the downloaded image by holding your finger on the Status bar and then swiping down to open the Quick Settings and Notifications screen.
  7. Swipe upward to view the file in the Notifications list if necessary, and then tap the image filename in the list shown in Figure 11.
  8. In the Complete Action Using window that appears, tap the Gallery or Photos icon and then tap Always if you always want to use the app to view your downloaded images. If you want to choose the app every time you download an image, tap Just Once.
  9. Figure 11. I’ll tap the mobile-slide-3 (1).jpg file I downloaded to view the image.

The Gallery or Photos app opens and your downloaded image appears on the screen. You can return to the Chrome screen by tapping the Back touch button.

Now that you’ve taken a quick tour of Chrome, feel free to explore further to determine if Chrome is right for your web surfing needs on the Tab 4.

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