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From the author of Fill In Web Forms

Fill In Web Forms

On many web pages you are asked to fill in forms, such as for signing up for a company’s email newsletter or to get more information about a product. Filling out web forms in Chrome on your Tab 4 is similar to filling out forms on a computer’s web browser, but there are differences.

  1. Navigate to a page that you know contains a form. The page used in this example and shown in Figure 8 is at http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/entry.
  2. Tap in the Summary text box.
  3. The keyboard appears at the bottom of the screen. Use the keyboard to type text into the box. Tap the Go button when you finish typing.
  4. Tap the Template button.
  5. Select an item from the drop-down menu. If there are more items than fit within the menu, swipe upward in the menu to view the remaining items.
  6. Tap an item in the menu to select it. If the menu list is long, touch and drag up and down to view more selections.
  7. The selected item appears in the field.
  8. Figure 8. The Template button appears above the Summary text box.

Some websites use special menus that are built from scratch. In these cases, the menu looks exactly like the one you get when you view the web page on a computer. If the web page is well constructed, it should work fine on the Galaxy Tab 4. However, it might be a little more difficult to make a selection.

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