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From the author of Return to Previously Visited Pages

Return to Previously Visited Pages

It’s easy to return to the last page you visited in the Chrome app—just tap the Back icon at the left side of the menu bar. As you keep tapping the Back icon, you keep going back to pages you visited. In the History page, the Chrome app also keeps a list of all web pages you’ve visited during your browsing session.

Like any web browser, you can browse more recent pages you’ve viewed in your current browsing session by tapping the Forward icon, which is the right-arrow icon immediately to the right of the Back icon.

Here’s how to access the History screen and view websites in your history:

  1. Visit several web pages in the Chrome app if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Tap the Menu icon at the right side of the menu bar (it looks like three dots ordered vertically that you saw in Figure 4).
  3. Tap History in the menu.
  4. The list of web pages you visited for the current date appears under the Today heading as shown in Figure 6.
  5. You can view web pages you visited on an earlier date by swiping upward on the screen to view more sites.
  6. Tap on the site in the list to view it on the screen.

Figure 6. Tap the Search History field above the Today heading to type search terms to find website(s) within your history.

You can clear the entire history database by tapping the Clear Browsing Data button at the bottom of the screen. Return to the web page you were viewing by tapping the Back icon in the menu bar.

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