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The data volume, velocity, variety, and need to perform analytics on data from multiple different sources are disrupting business. Big data solutions such as Hadoop, in-memory, distributed search, and NoSQL are solutions for addressing the data disruption. The level of data disruption requires organizations to change not only how they make business decisions but how they build their IT organizations. The level of speed, volume, and rate of change in technology requires organizations to be able to respond and adapt quickly.

Don’t get wrapped up in the technology of big data. Focus on business goals as well as data strategies and objectives. Remember, it’s all about the data. Big data is an addition to the overall enterprise that provides additional capabilities but also has the capability to leverage existing resources and platforms. An important goal is to be a solutions and speed-driven organization, not just a data-driven organization. Speed does not mean sacrificing quality or flexibility. Use big data platforms to significantly improve the efficiency of how your company works with data, with a key goal of being able to make business decisions faster with more accuracy and confidence and with less risk.

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