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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using the Help System

Zope has a built-in Help system. Every management screen has a Help button in the upper right-hand corner. This button launches another browser window and takes you to the Zope Help system.

Go to the Root folder. Click the Help button, and you should see what is shown in Figure 2.7.

Figure 2.7 The Help system.

The Help system, like the Zope management interface, is divided into two frames—one for navigation and one for displaying the current topic.

When you click the Help button from the Zope management screen, the right frame of the Help system displays the help topic for the current management screen. In this case, you see information about the Contents view of a folder.

Browsing and Searching Help

Normally, you use the Help system to get help on a specific topic. However, you can browse through all the help content if you are curious or want to find out about things besides the management screen you are currently viewing.

The Help system enables you to browse all the help topics in the Contents tab of the left help frame (refer to Figure 2.7). You can expand and contract help topics. To view a help topic in the right frame, click it.

All help on the Zope management screens is located in the Zope Help folder. Inside you'll find many help topics. You'll also find a Help folder called API Reference. This folder contains help on scripting Zope, which is explained further in Chapter 8, "Advanced Zope Scripting."

When you install third-party components, they also include help that you can browse. Each installed component has its own Help folder.

Search the Help system by clicking the Search tab and entering one or more search terms. For example, to find all the help topics that mention folders, type folder into the search form.

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