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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Administering and Monitoring Zope

The Control Panel is an object in the Root folder that controls various aspects of Zope's operation.

Click the Control_Panel object in the Root folder, as shown in Figure 2.6.

Figure 2.6 The Control Panel.

To shut down Zope, click the Shutdown button. Shutting down Zope causes the server to stop handling requests and completely removes Zope from memory. You have to manually start Zope to continue using it. Only shut down Zope if you are finished using it and have the ability to access the server on which Zope is running so that you can manually restart it later.

If you are running Zope on UNIX under daemon control or as a service on Windows, you can restart Zope from the Control Panel folder. Clicking the Restart button shuts down Zope and then immediately starts up a new instance of the Zope server. It might take Zope a few seconds to come back up and start handling requests.

On the Control Panel you will also see several links at the bottom of the screen, one of which is Database Management.

Transactions don't go away until you pack the Zope database. This means that you can undo all transactions except ones that have been removed by packing the database. When you choose to pack the database, you can specify what transactions to remove so that you can, for example, only remove transactions older than a week.

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