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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Understanding Users in Zope

Zope is a multi-user system. You've already seen how you can log into Zope via the management interface with the initial username and password. Zope supports other kinds of users:

  • Emergency User—The Emergency User is rarely used in Zope. This account is used for creating other user accounts and fixing things if you accidentally lock yourself out. The Emergency User is both very powerful and very weak. It is not restricted by most security controls. However, the Emergency User can only create one type of object—Users. Using the Emergency User to repair your Zope system in the case of accidental lockout is discussed in the Administrator's Guide ( http://www.zope.org/DocProjects/AdminGuide).

  • Manager—The Manager is the Zope workhorse. You need to log in with the Manager account to do most of the work involved with building Zope Web sites. The initial user is a Manager, and you can create as many Manager accounts as you need.

  • Others—You can create your own kind of users that fit into groups or are responsible for carrying out a role that you define. This is explained more in Chapter 6, which discusses Zope security and users.

Creating Users

Managers can create Zope users in a unique kind of folder called a User folder.

User folder icons look like folders with a person on them. User folders always have the name acl_users, as shown in Figure 2.1.

Click the acl_users folder in the Root folder to enter it. User folders contain User objects. You can create new users and edit existing users. Click the Add button to create a new user, as shown in Figure 2.2.

Fill out the form to create a new user. In the Name field, put your chosen username. Choose a password and enter it in the Password and (Confirm) fields. Leave the Domains field blank. This is an advanced feature and is discussed in Chapter 6. Select the Manager role from the Roles select list. Then click the Add button.

Congratulations, you just created a Manager account. Zope shows you this new Manager account inside the User folder. Later, you can change or delete this user if you want.

Figure 2.2 Adding a new user.

Changing Logins

To change your login, you must completely exit all instances of your Web browser and then restart your browser and log in with the new authentication information. This cumbersome procedure is unfortunately necessary because most browsers cache authentication information.

To log in as your new user, quit your browser, restart it, and log in using the username and password of the Manager that has just been created.

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