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Ensuring Success with WCPA

The WCPA is not foolproof. In fact, there are many ways to defeat its purpose:

  • Put an application into production without thorough testing and documentation.

  • Treat every application as an exception and take shortcuts.

  • Reassign application developers to new projects before completing deployment of the current application.

  • Fail to thoroughly document.

  • Let the WCPA gather dust, versus making it an ongoing process.

Even barring such willful ignorance or neglect, the WCPA doesn't just happen on its own. As an organization, there are some things you can do to make sure that the WCPA succeeds in your organization:

  • Start early; don't wait until an application is nearly ready for production.

  • Intimately involve developers and users; build their sense of ownership.

  • Without exception, adhere to the WCPA for new applications and releases.

  • Clearly spell out and document responsibilities and duties in the WCPA questionnaire.

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