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Market Savvy

To be fair, though I've lavished praise on the Lego minds, there was a time not long ago when Lego was a staple on toy store shelves but not much else. Like so many traditional "deer in the headlights" of the video gaming industry, it seemed something as cerebral as intricate building blocks was destined for the dustbin of discarded toys.

Like a Phoenix from the ashes, though, Lego began to score hit after hit. How? By adhering to that most basic tenet of marketing and product development: "Know thy customer." Video games had changed, but kids hadn't. Kids liked computers and robots, but they still liked building with multicolored blocks. No problem.

Now, in the latest attempt to extend the Lego tentacles into current fashion, Lego has released a trading card game—Bionicle. As always, Lego has the advantage of being able to build versions of the creatures on the cards. Will it succeed? Too early to tell, but it's clear that Lego will endure.

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