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Some Typical Errors in Identifying EIs

  • There may be no EI transactions on a screen or window; the window may be a navigational menu (not counted), a display only (an EO or EQ), or one in a series of windows necessary to create the EI.

  • Reference data that is read by the application from data stored in another application, but that is not used to maintain an ILF in the counted application, is counted not as an EI, but as an EIF.

  • The request side (consisting of one or more parameters) of an EO or EQ is not also counted as an EI.

  • Refresh or cancel of screen data is not counted; it doesn't store data.

  • Deletes of fields on a window, or moving data on a window, are not separate EIs.

  • Responses to messages that request a user to confirm a delete or any other transaction are not EIs.

  • Data passed between online and batch (or between client and server) within the same application is not counted; it doesn't cross the boundary.

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