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Concluding Thoughts

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading this article and the previous two articles in my trilogy of articles that explore Swing's table component. I also hope that you have learned several things about the table component that you might not have understood in the past. Although I would have liked to cover everything that can be covered about the table component, there is too much material for a few articles. In fact, there is enough material to write a book (and maybe someone will decide to do that). To learn more about the table component, where do you go from here? You have options:

  • Study the source code to JTable and other table component-related classes (such as TableColumn). Include the source code to the various look-and-feel classes (such as javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicTableUI) in your study.

  • Scan Java newsgroups (such as comp.lang.java.programmer) for table component-related questions and answers.

  • Scan the Internet for Java-based discussion groups that offer questions and answers about various aspects of Java (including the table component).

  • Browse your computer bookstore to see if it contains a book on Swing's table component.

  • Experiment! Experiment! Experiment!

I wish you all the best in your pursuit of Swing table component knowledge.

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