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What You Need to Know

In order to transform XML files into HTML files, you will need certain skills. Some will be covered in this series, but we will assume that you're bringing others with you.

These articles assume that you are familiar with the basics of XML, such as elements, attributes, well-formedness, parents and children. In creating custom style sheets, we also assume that you are familiar with the Document Object Model (DOM). In addition, it will help if you are at least familiar with HTML.

We do NOT assume any familiarity at all with XSL Transformations. Instead, we will spend Article 2 providing you with all the information you need to know before moving on to the meat of the project.

XSLT is platform-independent, so you won't need any particular programming environment for our discussion on how to use it, but the dynamic creation and application of XSLT style sheets will require some coding. We will demonstrate these concepts using both Java and Active Server Pages, so it will help if you are familiar with one of them.

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