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The Project

This personalization project will take you through several stages, with each article walking you through one aspect of implementation. We'll start out by creating the style sheets to allowing users to choose the basic look and feel; then move to allowing them to create their own "mini-portal" by specifying content that they want included and where it should be on the page. We will cover the following:

XSL Transformation Stylesheet Basics—Creating XHTML from XML

  • Template basics
  • Selecting data
  • Outputting data
  • Creating elements

User Choice of Look-and-Feel (with Sample Code in Java and in ASP)

  • Transforming the page with a particular style sheet
  • Allowing the user to choose a style sheet
  • Saving user choices
  • Using the user's preferred layout

User Customized Layout (with Sample Code in Java and in ASP)

  • Allowing the user to choose modules and layout
  • Saving user choices
  • Building the final style sheet using DOM
  • Applying the final style sheet
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