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Glossary of Business and Technical Terms

In the context of personal web businesses, the following terms have the following meanings.




The keys you punch on a certain voice mail system to fast forward (33) and delete (7) a message. Hacker jargon for getting ignored by someone.

ad broker

A site that does the work of finding advertisers for you.


The company that gives you ads to place on your site.


The advertiser's term for you.

autonomous business model

In the context of web businesses, a business model in which the customers are both the producers and consumers of content. An autonomous web business operates with very little work on the part of its creator and usually makes money through advertising.

content provider

See affiliate.


See advertiser.

personal web business

A web business that operates under the autonomous business model.

web business engineer

Someone who uses engineering principles to design online business processes.

web publisher

See affiliate.

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