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Consilient Sitelets

Consilient's Sitelets are small portable applets that let users collaborate on business tasks, including creating and controlling workflow transactions, without requiring all recipients to have the same software. Aimed at large enterprises, Consilient's technology acts as a container for all the data and documents that make up a given work process. Written in XML, the documents created within Sitelets can be distributed via e-mail, over the Web, or even to a PDA.

As Sitelets pass from one user to the next, the updates that recipients make are recorded every step of the way in an audit trail. As an example, companies can design Sitelets that describe a budget process or candidate review process. The coordinator designs a Sitelet that describes the workflow process, including the routing, data, or other underlying base documents; and an overall visual design.

A series of Java servlets makes up the Sitelet engine. It runs in any J2EE, and is responsible for providing the peer-to-peer communications. Security is enabled through a multilayered sandbox model, in which Sitelets cannot access each peer's resources. Running Consilient requires Microsoft Windows NT or 2000 with Internet Information Server, or Linux with Apache Web Server.

URL: http://www.consilient.com/

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