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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Considerations for i-mode Use

There are some considerations that you should bear in mind when viewing i-mode contents in a simulated desktop environment:

  • Screen dimensions

    The simulator screen size may differ from actual i-mode handset screen dimensions. So use a variety of simulators, and also test your final design in a number of real i-mode handsets.
  • Color depth

    Often, desktop simulators do not limit the color palette of images in a way that real i-mode handsets will. So when testing, reduce your computer display to 256 or even 16 colors to see how the images will appear at a low-color depth.
  • Fonts

    Most mobile handsets are limited to a single font and may not support bold, italic, or changes in the size of text. Simulators may have more font styles available, so they may not represent the true design of your i-mode pages.
  • Images

    Simulators often support more image formats than are available in i-mode. It is best to stick with GIF images for your pages because this is the most common format available.
  • User interaction

    Because simulators let you input text and select options using your PC's keyboard, they do not represent the difficulties that real-life users have for inputting text and navigating using the key on i-mode handsets.
  • Download speed

    Your desktop simulator will download content using the PC's Internet connection speed. This is likely substantially faster than an i-mode connection speed of 9.6Kbps.
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