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Applying a Theme

Applying a Theme

Okay, if you are skipping over the geeky part, it’s time to start reading again. Let’s take a look at themes the easy way: from within an Office document.

The process for applying a theme is slightly different in each of the applications, as shown in Figure 2:

  • In Word, on the Design tab, click the Themes button and then click the desired theme.
  • In Excel, on the Page Layout tab, click the Themes button and then click the desired theme.
  • In PowerPoint, on the Design tab, in the Themes group, click one of the theme thumbnails, or click the More button (down arrow with a horizontal line over it) in the Themes group to open a full gallery of theme thumbnail images.

Figure 2: Applying a theme in Word (top), Excel (middle), and PowerPoint (bottom)

When you apply a theme, three things happen:

  • The color placeholders for the document are populated with the colors specified by the theme.
  • The font placeholders for Headings and Body are populated with the fonts specified by the theme.
  • The appearance of certain kinds of graphic objects, such as drawn shapes that use the default formatting (that is, they haven’t been manually formatted) changes to the effect type specified by the theme.

We’ll look at each of those actions in more detail in the following sections.

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