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Basic Tenets of DSC

To begin, you should understand that most DSC configuration involves using Windows PowerShell and the vendor-neutral Managed Object Format (MOF) in a declarative fashion. In programming, declarative code does not spell out exactly how the computer should complete a task. Instead, the code essentially tells the computer to “make it so” however it sees fit.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a good example of a declarative data access language. When you run a complex SELECT statement, for instance, you leave it to the database itself to determine the system of index/row lookups it uses to satisfy the query results.

Likewise, in DSC, we start by describing how we’d like our servers to look in a standard Windows PowerShell configuration script. Take a look at Figure 18.2, and I’ll explain how DSC works step by step.

Figure 18.2

Figure 18.2 Windows PowerShell DSC architectural overview.

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