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A web property is an aggregated presence on the World Wide Web with a single entry point, such as http://www.yahoo.com, or it is a disaggregated presence that is reached from multiple entry points, exemplified by banner ads hosted by doubleclick.net. One or more servers render a web property’s presence on the Internet.

Web development encompasses creation, modification, review, and approval of assets. Examples of assets that we consider are web sites, source code repositories, document repositories, or any combination of these. An asset is an electronic artifact that embodies intellectual property of an organization. Our focus is the development of assets. An individual or a group creates an asset, and it is costly—sometimes impossible—to replace. A graphic file containing the company’s logo is an asset. Similarly, a Java source code file that is used in an online commerce application server is also an asset. The text of a press release or a product support bulletin is an asset. All of these embody intellectual property of an organization and are difficult or costly to replace.

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