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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Knowing When to Use the Protune Feature

The Protune (PT) feature is designed for more advanced GoPro users. It enables you to have greater manual control over specific picture-taking settings. Originally, this option was available only when shooting HD video, but it is also now available when shooting digital photos if you use one of the more powerful GoPro camera models, such as the Hero4.

Using Protune, you can capture higher quality results because the camera utilizes less data compression on your images, plus it captures natural colors within your shots. These digital image files are then more compatible with higher-end photo editing software packages, which means you can take full advantage of the more advanced photo editing tools built in to software, such as Photoshop CC (Photoshop Creative Cloud) to digitally edit and enhance your images.

Regardless of which picture shooting mode you select, from that mode’s Settings menu, you can turn on or off the Protune feature. When turned on, five additional menu options are available, and each is adjustable for that particular shooting mode. You can set the Protune-related settings differently for each shooting mode.

The adjustable Protune options include

  • White Balance
  • Color
  • ISO Limit
  • Sharpness
  • EV Comp (Exposure Value Compensation)

When you turn off Protune, the camera automatically adjusts each of these settings, allowing the camera to serve more like a point-and-shoot digital camera set to Auto mode. This requires less decision making and tinkering with camera settings prior to shooting.

Adjusting White Balance

The White Balance setting enables the camera to adjust all the colors and tones displayed within an image based on what the camera perceives to be the color white in your shots.

When you set this option to Auto (which is the default), the camera automatically analyzes each shot as it’s being taken and adjusts the color tone based on the conditions it senses.

  • If you take photos in an area with natural, warm light, such as incandescent lighting (indoors), or during a sunrise or sunset, consider selecting the 3000K White Balance option to capture more authentic colors in your shots.
  • If you shoot in areas lit by fluorescent lighting or in average daylight, select the 5500K White Balance option.
  • When shooting in cool lighting (such as when outside in overcast conditions), use the 6500K White Balance option.

Adjusting Color

The Adjusting Color option enables you to manually select the color profile used by the camera when taking pictures. The default GoPro Color option uses the same color profile when the Protune feature is turned off. When you select the Flat option, this enables you to more easily edit the color in photos later using photo editing software to showcase truly natural or authentic-looking colors within an image.

Adjusting ISO Limit

Use the Adjusting ISO Limit setting to manage the camera’s sensitivity to light, especially when shooting in low-light situations. Based on which option you select, you can manage the brightness of an image and somewhat control the unwanted graininess (or noise) captured within an image by the camera due to poor lighting.

To achieve a brighter image when shooting in low light, select the default 800 ISO Limit option. The images, however, showcase more noise in your shots, which takes away from the detail, image sharpness, and vibrancy of color.

The 400 ISO Limit option results in a slightly darker image (when shooting in low light), but the image contains less noise than with the 800 ISO Limit option selected. As a result, images contain a bit more detail and sharpness.

If you shoot indoors with decent (but not bright) lighting, choose the 200 ISO Limit option. When shooting outdoors in daylight, the ISO 100 Limit option offers the least amount of image noise, resulting in a sharper, brighter, and more vibrant image.

Adjusting Sharpness

When manually adjusting an image’s Sharpness while shooting, the Protune option for the various digital photo-related shooting modes offers three options: High (which is the default setting), Medium, and Low.

Choose the High setting to achieve ultra-sharp image quality in your photos. Choose the Medium setting to capture moderately sharp photos, or use the Low option to capture softer photos.

Adjusting EV Comp

Exposure Value Compensation (EV Comp) impacts the brightness of the photos as they’re being taken. If you shoot in areas with contrasting lighting conditions, adjusting this setting can help you capture better quality images

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