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Need for Speed and Agility

New technologies enable agility in campaign creation and deployment as well as ease in measuring outcomes, both of which are a welcome respite from the manual methods of the past, which will save you a lot of time when done right. Moreover, agile, data-driven marketing creates relevant experiences for prospective buyers, helping you to acquire them more easily and convert them into customers. But this environment also creates the expectation of instant results, ever more successful results, and a never-ending pressure to learn, improve, and move on to the next campaign. That’s just as much of a trap as doing more with less. Doing things faster just because you have the tools to do so is another easy way to burn out. Ensuring thoughtful, creative, effective marketing takes time, and that time is your ally in brainstorming and producing fresh ideas. The key here is balancing expediency and efficiency with strategy and results.

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