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From the author of Trash, Share, and Print

Trash, Share, and Print

When you read a memo, three icons appear at the right side of the menu bar as shown in Figure 6; from left to right: Trash, Share, and Print.

Figure 6 The three icons appear in the orange menu bar at the top of the screen.

Tap the Trash icon to delete the memo automatically. After you do, a pop-up box appears at the bottom of the screen that tells you the message has been deleted; you can undo this action by tapping Undo in the pop-up box.

Tap the Share icon to open a drop-down menu so you can save your memo to the Dropbox or Drive file storage service, share the memo with another device through a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct connection, share the memo on the ChatON or Google Hangouts social messaging service, add the memo as an attachment to an email message, share the message on Google+, or copy the memo contents to the clipboard.

Tap Print to print your memo to a Wi-Fi printer using either the Google Print or Samsung Print service. After you select the service within the Print window, you'll print the memo to your default printer that's connected to your Tab 4.

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