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From the author of Edit a Memo

Edit a Memo

Read the entire memo by tapping the memo tile. The entire memo appears on the screen. If the memo is longer than what can fit on the screen, view the entire memo by swiping up and down in the screen. Edit the memo by tapping on the screen.

Tap on the location within the memo text where you want to start editing. A blue handlebar appears underneath the cursor. From here, you can start typing. You can select a word in the text by double-tapping the word. The word is highlighted in blue, and blue handlebars appear on either end of the word (see Figure 5).

Figure 5 The pop-up editing menu appears above the highlighted word.

Tap and hold on a handlebar and then swipe on the screen to select or deselect more characters and/or words. You can select all text in the memo by tapping Select All.

When you've selected your text, tap Cut in the menu to delete the text and paste it somewhere else (such as in another memo), or copy the text to the clipboard to keep the text in your memo but paste it somewhere else. If you want to paste text within a memo, tap and hold on the location in the memo where you want to paste the text. A blue handlebar appears in the location; tap Paste in the pop-up editing menu that appears above the handlebar.

Three buttons appear above the memo title (see Figure 5); from left to right:

  • Add Category: After you tap this button, a drop-down menu appears so you can select the memo category into which you want to place the memo. You can categorize memos by subject matter, and you'll learn more about categories later in this article. If you don't see a category, tap Add Category in the list and then type the new category in the Add Category window.
  • Insert Photo: Tap this button to either take a photo with the Camera app or insert a photo stored on the Tab 4 into the memo. After you take or insert the photo, it will appear where your cursor is located within the memo.
  • Voice: Tap to create a voice recording that will be stored within the memo.

When you finish editing, you can either discard changes by tapping Cancel in the orange menu bar you saw in Figure 5 or save the changes by tapping Save in the menu bar. When you view the app home screen, the tile for the memo you updated includes the updated time when you last saved the memo.

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