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From the author of Approve Tags People Add to Your Posts

Approve Tags People Add to Your Posts

Here's a real invasion of your privacy. You post a picture to Facebook, and someone tags himself in your photo—even if it's not really a picture of him! Fortunately, Facebook gives you the option of reviewing all tags that people add to the posts you make and the photos you upload—so you can restrict who "associates" with you online.

From the Facebook toolbar, click the down arrow button and then click Settings to display the Account Settings page. Click Timeline and Tagging in the left column to display the Timeline and Tagging Settings page; then go to the How Can I Manage Tags People Add and Tagging Suggestions? section. Go to the Review Tags People Add to Your Own Posts Before the Tags Appear on Facebook? option and click Edit.

Next, click the Privacy button to see the list of options and then click Enabled. You will now be notified whenever someone tries to add his or her tag to one of your posts or photos, and you have the option of approving or rejecting that tag.

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