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From the author of Restrict Who Sees Tag Suggestions in Photos That Look Like You

Restrict Who Sees Tag Suggestions in Photos That Look Like You

Facebook likes to connect people with each other. This is often done via tagging, in which one user can tag ("who are you with?") another user in a status update or photo without asking the other person. When you're tagged, you're connected to that post or photo, whether you want to be or not—which can be an invasion of your privacy.

One of the ways that Facebook encourages tagging is by suggesting people to tag when someone posts a photo. Facebook does this via facial recognition technology; it compares a given photo with the millions of other photos uploaded to its site, and tries to match a new face with one it already knows.

So if someone uploads a picture of someone who looks like you, Facebook suggests that you be tagged in that photo. That's fine unless that's not really you—or if it is you, but the photo is one you'd rather not be associated with. Fortunately, you can turn off these photo tag suggestions.

From the Facebook toolbar, click the down arrow button and then click Settings to display the Account Settings page. Click Timeline and Tagging in the left-hand column to display the Timeline and Tagging Settings page; then go to the How Can I Manage Tags People Add and Tagging Suggestions? section, shown in Figure 6. Go to the Who Sees Tag Suggestions When Photos That Look Like You Are Uploaded? option and click Edit.

Figure 6 Configuring Facebook tagging settings

Next, click the Privacy button to see the list of options. By default, Friends is selected, which means that all your friends will see your name in their tag suggestions. Click No One to keep your name from appearing as a tag suggestion for anyone, including your friends.

Know, however, that just because you turn off Facebook's capability to suggest your name when someone uploads a photo, that doesn't mean you can't be tagged in that photo. The person who uploaded the photo can still manually tag you, even if your name isn't automatically suggested.

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