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Create Custom Collections

The ability to create collections can be integral to organizing large numbers of books and audiobooks. You can organize your library however you want; you can create a collection by genre, or all books by a particular author, or in a series. Create a collection for books you have purchased but not yet read, or a collection for which you are waiting for a sequel. You can even add a book to multiple collections. Creating collections is easy from both the Books app and the Audiobooks app.

Tap Collections in the left panel of your Books or Audiobooks library (see Figure 25).

At the top or bottom of the screen, select Add (plus icon) to add books to this collection (see Figure 26).

Enter a name for the collection (see Figure 27), and then tap Create. An empty collection is created. Here I’ve created a collection called “Memoir,” but you’re free to name your collections whatever you like.

Tap the new collection to open it (see Figure 28).

Tap Add at the top or bottom of the screen to add books to this collection (see Figure 29). Tap Edit to modify the name of your collection and to delete items within the collection.

Add a book to a collection by tapping it in your library. Tap the checkmark at the top of the screen when you're finished adding books to the collection (see Figure 30). Tap the X at the top of the screen to clear all selections for the current collection. Tap and hold on an unwanted collection until a pop-up menu displays, from which you can choose to delete the collection.

Collections do have some shortcomings:

  • If you change the name of a collection, it won’t sort correctly in the alphabetical listing of collections.
  • New books are added to the bottom of a collection, requiring you to scroll all the way through your collection to find a recently-added title. And you cannot automatically change the sort order of a collection, in order to list its contents alphabetically or by author.
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