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Purchase Books to Add to Your Library

Although you can find many free books in the Kindle library, purchasing a book in the bookstore is also very easy. Your 1-Click account allows you to purchase books with just a simple tap of your finger.

Peek to reveal more information about the book while shopping, such as star rating and price. Scroll up and down the page to reviews titles and more categories. Scroll a category left or right, browse the category, or tap the category name to view even more recommended titles in that category (see Figure 8).

Swipe or tilt to open the left panel, which contains filtering options that allow you to jump straight to specific categories, special collections, or Amazon deals you might like (see Figure 9). Scroll down the panel to access your personal book library and any collections you’ve created. Swipe the left panel to the left of the screen to close it.

Swipe the right edge of the screen to the left to open the right panel and view a list of Amazon.com’s best sellers (see Figure 10). Swipe the right panel to the right of the screen to close it. (You can also tilt the phone to the right and then back to its starting position in one motion to close the right panel.)

Tap the Search icon if you already know the name of the book you want to purchase. A list of possible matches appears under the search field as you type (see Figure 11). Tap the correct match beneath the search field. Since many book titles are similar, a list of books with the same or closely matching names may appear. Tap the book that you want.

When you find the book you want, tap the Buy button (see Figure 12) to download the book to your personal library. If your payment method has expired, you may be prompted to designate another payment method.

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