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Last Call for the Lifeboats!

So, as an e-business, what do you do? If you're the DNS crowd or RIAA, you head for the lifeboats. If not, you use the Internet's ability of reaching customers through its multiple points of contact.

Point-to-point networks are cozying up to marketers in a bid to profit from the millions of Internet users migrating to their hubs from Napster. File-sharing networks like KaZaA, BearShare, MusicCity, and Audiogalaxy are bundling software into their applications to track consumer habits online and target related advertising. The ad deals are mostly based on cost-per-click that range from as little as 30 cents to as much as $1. This could be the future of search engine advertising—think about the targeting opportunities that this type of advertising represents!

The real Internet is still being born. If your e-business wants to navigate around the icebergs, it's time to build your marketing—not around the Internet of today, but of tomorrow. And tomorrow's Net is P2P.

Don't miss this boat.

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