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Establish Procedures for Ongoing Site Maintenance

At the outset of your Web site planning process, you should be thinking about what parts of your Web site will need ongoing maintenance and who will do that maintenance. Discuss this issue with your advisers and Web developers, too. The maintenance piece of many Web site designs can turn out to be the most expensive aspect of the site, due to the amount of time the maintenance takes. By considering the maintenance demands of a particular site design early in the planning process, you may be able to modify the design just a little and thereby greatly reduce the maintenance burden. In other cases, considering the maintenance piece during planning will lead you to the decision to just leave an element out and so avoid the cost of building the element only to find later that you are unable to support it.

I am a big believer in owner-maintained Web sites. By taking on the simple updating and tweaking of your site, you can save a small fortune over the years. This activity will also keep you more in touch with your site and increase the likelihood that you will find more and better ways to use your Web site for profit improvement.

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