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Monitor the Development Progress

Once you pull the trigger, don't just fade into the background; manage your Web developer. Ask the developer to put the pieces of your site up on your host space as each piece is built. At least once a day go look at what is being done. Be reasonable, however. Resist the urge to be a pest. Understand that you are viewing a work in progress, and do not get excited if it is still ugly after a few days of work. Make notes each time you look at your site—warts you notice, questions that may occur to you when you finally see the page out there, etc. Be concerned if nothing is getting done over several days, and call if you have questions, but give your developer a little time and space to catch the warts and answer your questions as the site is built. Definitely ask your questions when it seems things are not moving as you expected. Do not wait. Time is money here, and nobody is served by letting your developer proceed too far down a wrong path.

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