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Pop in a DVD, and WinDVD will automatically start. Add your favorite plug-ins for the most compatible TV surfing experience you'll find (try checking your Outlook mail with WebTV), and use MusicMatch or Windows Media Player for Internet radio and MP3 ripping. You can even hook up a Web cam to send video emails and videoconference through your television. And, of course, you can print out whatever you like on any standard PC printer.

You may need to do a little tweaking to get the display to work properly with a television—adjusting for such common problems as overscan (in which the PC output extends beyond the boundaries of the TV screen). Also, the setup could be quieter. We used a relatively quiet modern hard disk by Maxtor, but the proprietary chassis doesn't leave much room for experimentation with a quieter case fan. It's noticeable if you're playing some soft dinner music, but not if you're thrilling to the latest blockbuster. As with most products that output text to a television, the larger the screen, the more legible small text will be. For more information, check out the feature sheet at PC Chips' Web site at

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