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Exam 950: NFuse Administration

Don't coNFuse yourself. This exam has the 40 questions and the same time limit as the other exams. The difference is in the passing score. (Drum roll not necessary.) You'll need a 72 to pass, or 29 correctly answered questions.

This exam will scramble your brains on NFuse and its attributes. You'll need to know what it is, how to use it, and how it affects the user and the Program Neighborhood.

You'll need experience installing and configuring Nfuse--including installing the Web server. One entire objective is dedicated to using the Web Site Wizard, so make certain you've worked with that guy. Closely related is an objective on working with the Web pages and objects such as HTML, templates, and Java.

A CCEA candidate will also need a complete understanding of the ICA file and its attributes. Of course, you'll need to know how to troubleshoot NFuse.

Sample Question: Your assistant, Linda, wants the username and password to appear on the login page. What command should Linda use?

  1. Force usrn

  2. Force domain

  3. Force usrn domain <domainname>

  4. Net accounts /sync

Answer: B

How to Prepare: This exam is covered in the Citrix Course CTX-7120 Citrix NFuse Administration.

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