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Exam 940: Load Balancing and Program Neighborhood

Can you guess the time limit and the number of questions on this exam? Yep: 40 questions within 60 minutes, or 90 minutes if you're outside North America. (No fair flying to Australia!) You will need to answer at least 30 questions correctly to pass at 75.

So what's on this one? Well, as the title hints, Program Neighborhood (PN). You'll need to know all about both the client side and the server side, and how to work with each. Experience with publishing applications will go a long way here.

You can expect questions regarding licensing, the ICA Browser (and how to configure it), and Load Balancing on a LAN versus a WAN. Sound like fun?

Sample Question: Mary Anne, your supervisor, has asked you to find out which port is used for browsing a Citrix network for published applications? Which port is used?

  1. UDP port 1442

  2. TCP Port 80

  3. UDP Port 1604

  4. UDP Port 25

Answer: C

How to Prepare: This exam is also covered in the Citrix course CTX-410 Advanced Citrix Server Implementation. In case you're wondering, although this class preps for several exams it isn't really that long--only two or three days. A Citrix Instructor reported to me that the bulk of exam material stems from the appendix section of the book. So what makes the class either two or three days long? This decision is determined by the Citrix Authorized Learning Center.

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