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Exam 930: Security and SecureICA

Got security? You'll need it for this test. Exam 930 has the same old 40 questions and same old time constraints. You will, however, have to answer at least 30 questions correctly to scrape by with a 75 as the passing score. But who wants to just scrape by?

A CCEA candidate will need experience securing a Citrix environment. You'll need to be able to identify SecureICA and which version you can use--think Global security restrictions versus North America security restrictions.

You'll need to know the details of both a SecureICA server and a SecureICA client. As a security guru, you can expect questions on the RC5 security algorithm and how it works with public-private keys. In addition, a grasp of TPEP and C2 certification is needed. Finally, your knowledge of File System Security, the Published Application Manager, and Policies and Profiles will be tested.

Sample Question: What level of encryption does SecureICA use for logon authentication? Choose the best answer:

  1. 24-bit

  2. 40-bit

  3. 56-bit

  4. 128-bit

  5. 140-bit

Answer: D

How to Prepare: This exam is also covered in the Citrix course CTX-410 Advanced Citrix Server Implementation.

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