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Review Question Answers and Rationales

Review question answer choices are accompanied by unique, logical reasoning (rationales) as to why an answer is correct or incorrect. Evaluative feedback to incorrect responses and reinforcement feedback to correct responses are both provided.

  1. In today’s climate, the managerial leadership style needed to be effective must be __________.

    1. Incorrect. Aggressive manager-leaders can only get so far without stepping on people’s toes.
    2. Correct. Flexibility allows a leader to take into account a variety of employees’ needs based on gender, religion, and so on.
    3. Incorrect. This is the opposite of what a leader should be.
    4. Incorrect. If it were simple, there would be no need for books on the subject.
  2. Sidney Yoshida’s study of the structure of business organizations found that only ________ could identify and were aware of roughly 100 percent of the daily problems facing an organization and its related customers.

    1. Incorrect. Senior management was only aware of roughly 4 percent.
    2. Incorrect. Upper middle management was only aware of roughly 9 percent.
    3. Incorrect. Middle management was only aware of roughly 74 percent.
    4. Correct. Due to management’s separation from “reality” the everyday workers were more aware of problems.
  3. What may very well be the single greatest strategic asset in the new ground zero?

    1. Incorrect. While important, capital means nothing without people.
    2. Correct. In the new business world, managers cannot underestimate the power of accountable employees in all levels of employment.
    3. Incorrect. A great product cannot sell itself.
    4. Incorrect. According to the author, “organizations today need to take into account the people factor as the marketable growth and success factor.”
  4. How do groups of people facing tighter budgets, leaner staffs, and greater workloads maintain productivity in a sustained fashion?

    1. Incorrect. Higher wages were reserved for the top of “old school” management styles and cannot be sustained with lower budgets.
    2. Incorrect. Computers are only a tool that employees use. Thus, computers can only improve an excellent team.
    3. Correct. In the past, a top-down hierarchy required little accountability across employee levels and productivity suffered, while today, teamwork is an increasingly valuable organizational tool.
    4. Incorrect. Temporary employees cannot provide a sustained increase in productivity due to the time necessary for training and a high rate of turnover.
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