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Review Questions

The review questions accompanying each chapter or section are designed to assist you in achieving the learning objective stated at the beginning of each chapter. The review section is not graded; do not submit it in place of your final exam. While completing the review questions, it may be helpful to study any unfamiliar terms in the glossary in addition to course content. After completing the review questions for each chapter, proceed to the review question answers and rationales.

  1. In today’s climate, the managerial leadership style needed to be effective must be __________.

    1. Aggressive
    2. Flexible
    3. Rigid
    4. Simple
  2. Sidney Yoshida’s study of the structure of business organizations found that only ________ could identify and were aware of roughly 100 percent of the daily problems facing an organization and its related customers.

    1. Senior management
    2. Upper middle management
    3. Middle management
    4. Rank-and-file workers
  3. What may very well be the single greatest strategic asset in the new ground zero?

    1. Capital
    2. People
    3. Product
    4. Marketing
  4. How do groups of people facing tighter budgets, leaner staffs, and greater workloads maintain productivity in a sustained fashion?

    1. Higher wages
    2. Better computers
    3. Teamwork
    4. Temporary employees
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