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Insignia Jeode

The Insignia Jeode VM is currently the only "Sun Authorized Virtual Machine" for either the PalmOS or Windows CE. Jeode is currently only available for Windows CE; a version specifically packaged for Compaq iPAQ devices can be purchased for $19.99 from http://www.insignia.com/products/default.asp. Jeode implements the complete PersonalJava specification and a J2ME-compatible release is scheduled in 2001. Development and deployment options for the Jeode VM are perhaps even simpler than those for the Kada VM. Once the Jeode runtime tools and VM have been installed on your Windows CE device, running a Java application is simply a matter of loading the necessary class files and packages to be used by your application. The classpath and class file to be run are both set in the command-line argument to the Jeode VM, making it possible to set up a simple shortcut on the device to run your application. To summarize, the Jeode VM is a high-performance, fully-compliant Java VM for Windows CE.

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