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Encourage Change in the System

Given that the systems used by most tech companies to hire new talent have some major flaws, any manager or entrepreneur who wants an effective team needs to push for improvements. At the most basic level, that sort of improvement includes suggesting recruiters or hiring managers go through the sort of training that Moss-Racusin studied. Awareness is not enough when trying to curb unconscious biases; active effort is necessary to more equitably compare job candidates.

If you're in the position to make hiring decisions yourself, you can also use evaluation systems that don't rely primarily on resumes. Looking at portfolios of past work, for instance, can be a more effective method of evaluating an applicant's potential. Technical recruiters have a wealth of tools available that make looking at a candidate's code relatively easy—browsing GitHub is certainly easier than shuffling through a stack of resumes.

If you can push for a blind evaluation process, so much the better. Removing identifying information, like candidates' names and organizational affiliations, can help a recruiter be sure that she's finding the best possible match for a position, while eliminating any risk of subtle biases.

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