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Sample Customer Profile

The customer profile is the core of every successful Social CRM implementation because it provides a holistic picture of a customer. Think of the profile as a daisy, where you put the customer in the center of the daisy and you have petals of information attached to the center. The sample customer profile shown in Figure 1.2 provides sample information petals for a pharmaceutical company’s customer profile, with both traditional information petals (including customer information, activities, products purchased, financials, operational issues, service issues, customer insight, competitive information, marketing campaigns/opportunities, and customer news) and the new Social Media information petal. To ensure appropriate security, all information petals can be can be turned on or off, depending on who is viewing the profile (that is, internal personnel or the customer).

Figure 1.2

Figure 1.2 SCRM Customer Profile

A customer profile that contains only traditional information holds essentially static information (that is, information that has taken place). By adding Social Media insights to a traditional customer profile gathered from Social Media blogs, community forums, ratings, polls, and so on, the organization now has static as well as positive and negative sentiment information that will provide a more holistic understanding of the customer relationship en route to achieving customer intimacy. The many organizations that have added the Social Media insight petal to their Social CRM customer profile have noted a higher level of sensitivity in the customer buy-cycle and a more effective approach to the organization’s sell-cycle with the customer—both components of a more meaningful two-way dialogue with the customer.

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