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Shop for and Purchase a Magazine

  1. Tap Categories in the blue menu bar that appears at the top of the screen.
  2. Tap the category from the category in the list, as shown in Figure 12.

    Figure 12

    Figure 12 The category list appears at the left side of the screen.

  3. View the entire list of magazines by swiping up and down the screen.
  4. Tap New Magazines to view all the latest magazines Google has added in that category.
  5. Tap a magazine cover to open the magazine description page.
  6. The title and issue of the magazine, the cover of the current issue, the Subscribe button, and the Buy button appear at the top of the page, as shown in Figure 13.

    Figure 13

    Figure 13 You can buy the current issue by tapping the Buy button or subscribe to the magazine by tapping the Subscribe button.

  7. Ratings and the number of issues published in a specific timeframe (such as 13 issues per year) appear at the top of the description area.
  8. In the Rate This Publication section, tap a rating star on a scale from one to five. For example, if you tap the second star from the right, then the first four stars from left to right are highlighted in blue, which signifies that you give the app four stars on a five-star scale. Then you can type your review in the Review window.
  9. View the entire description by tapping the down arrow in the Description area.
  10. Swipe upward on the screen to view reader reviews, similar magazines, and back issues.
  11. Tap More to view more information within a section, such as back issues.
  12. Tap the Buy button to begin the purchase process.
  13. Tap the price to access more payment options.
  14. Tap Payment Options to change or add a credit or debit card, or buy Google Play credits.
  15. Tap Redeem to redeem Google Play credits that will pay for the magazine issue in whole or in part.
  16. Tap Buy to purchase the issue. After you purchase the issue, you see the issue in the Play Newsstand app, so you can read it as described in the “Read an Issue” task later in the chapter.
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