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Write a Post

You can write a new post at any time to transmit to circles of friends that you want to receive the message.

  1. Tap the orange Write button in the lower-right corner on the Google+ home screen that you saw in Figure 5.
  2. Within the message tile, type your message in the Text field, as shown in Figure 9.

    Figure 9

    Figure 9 In the gray Settings menu bar, the icons appear from left to right: Camera, Emoticon, Hyperlink, Survey, and Menu.

  3. Close the keyboard by tapping the Back touch button.
  4. Tap the circle name, which in this example is Public, to specify one or more circles with which you will share your post. Otherwise, your message will be sent to all your circles as well as to everyone in the Public circle—that is, all Google+ users.
  5. Tap the Add Your Location field if you want to share your location of your post with your viewers.
  6. Select your location from the Share Your Location screen. After you select your location, you might see a window reminding you how to delete your location. If you do, tap OK.
  7. The location name you selected appears in the Write Post screen.
  8. In the Settings menu bar that appears at the bottom of the message tile, the Camera icon is blue, which means it’s selected. In the tile underneath the icon, take a photo with your Tab 4 camera to add to your post by tapping the Camera tile, or select a photo from your Gallery by tapping the All Photos icon.
  9. Add an emoticon to your post by tapping the Emoticon icon on the Settings menu bar and then select an emoticon within the tile underneath the icon.
  10. You can add a hyperlink to another website within your post by tapping the hyperlink icon; in the hyperlink window, type the website address and then tap OK.
  11. Tap the survey icon to ask a question and have respondents choose from two or more choices.
  12. At the far right of the Settings menu bar, tap the Menu icon to disable sharing of the message by other Google+ users and/or disable comments about your message from readers. You can also send feedback to Google about the app.
  13. Tap the Send icon in the upper-right corner of the message tile when you’re finished writing your post. After a second or two, the main Google+ screen appears, and your post appears as a tile on the screen.

Now that you’re up to date with Google Now and Google+, enjoy using the apps to stay in touch with your friends, colleagues, and the world on your Galaxy Tab 4.

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