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Use Google Now

After you finish setting up Google Now, you can access it by tapping the Google Search box on any Home screen. The Google Now screen looks a little different than when you set up the app for the first time.

  1. Tap the Google Search box.
  2. Type any search term(s) in the Search field. As you type, the first three search results from your most recent Google Searches—even if the searches weren’t made on your Tab 4—display below the Search field, as shown in Figure 2. Note that if you see the Attention window that informs you about using personalized data on the Samsung keyboard, tap OK in the window.

    Figure 2

    Figure 2 The last three Google searches appear in the list below the Search field.

  3. Tap an item in the result list to open a search result. If you search for a name and/or location, any search results in your Contacts database appear in the list of contacts. View more contact information by tapping the name of the contact. You can also search for more contacts by tapping Search Tablet.
  4. View more search results by tapping the Search button on the keyboard.
  5. The Search results page appears on the screen. Swipe up and down the screen to view the entire list of results on the page.
  6. Tap the Back touch button to return to the Google Now screen.
  7. Even if you don’t search for anything, Google Now remembers your last three searches on the Google search engine and displays them underneath the Search field.
  8. Hide the keyboard by tapping the Back touch button.
  9. Swipe up and down the page to view all the other cards on the screen.
  10. Tap the Menu icon above and to the right of each card to change the card settings. The icon looks like an ellipses (…). The type of card for which you want to change settings determines the available options in the Setting screen. This example uses the Weather card.
  11. By default, the Weather card is visible within the Google Now screen (see Figure 3). You can hide the Weather card and tell Google Now you’re not interested in weather updates for your location by tapping No.

    Figure 3

    Figure 3 The first settings screen for the weather card appears on the screen above the weather card.

  12. Keep the Weather card visible and change more settings by tapping Yes or tapping the right arrow icon.
  13. Change the temperature unit to Celsius by tapping Celsius on the list. The default temperature scale is Fahrenheit.
  14. Turn off weather updates in the Weather card by tapping No. Otherwise, tap Yes or the right arrow icon.
  15. Return to the Google Now screen by tapping the Back touch button.
  16. View other cards by swiping up and down on the screen. View more cards by tapping the More button. If no other cards are available, the button says, “Not available” for a couple seconds and then the button disappears.
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