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Examine the Page 5 Widgets

Figure 6 shows the following widgets on page 5 of the Widgets screen:

  1. Google+ User Locations: Tells you where your Google+ friends are currently when you’re signed into Google+.
  2. Hancom Office: Shows a list of available files you can open within the Hancom Office app. Tap the file to open the Hancom Office app and view the file contents.
  3. Hangouts: If you’re in a Google Hangout, this widget shows you the conversation within the widget without requiring you to be within the Hangouts app itself. Therefore, you can keep track of the conversation while performing other tasks on your Tab 4.
  4. Magazine Here & Now: Installs the My Magazine app on your Tab 4 and then displays a slideshow of the app’s latest magazine articles. You can move between slides by tapping the left and right arrow buttons on either side of the widget. Read an article by tapping the thumbnail image within the widget.
  5. Memo: Enables you to write a new memo that will be easily accessible on your Home screen. When you add the memo to the Home screen, the Memo window displays, so you can type your memo. After you save the memo, the memo icon appears on the Home screen, so you can open it quickly.
  6. Music: Displays the Samsung Music Player app that enables you to play songs stored on your Galaxy Tab 4 within the widget itself. For example, you can tap the Play button within the widget to play the song at the top of the list.

    Figure 6

    Figure 6 Page 5 of the Widgets screen.

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